UPDATED SEPT 21st 2017


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our boat "Coastal Pleasure"> Heavily damaged


our boat "LA BONNE VIE"-> GONE











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First impression: September 7th 21:00 local time:

I am still processing all I see…it is massive !



September 12th.


September 13th. >>>still in survival modus


September 17th. >>>feels a little numb…though small progresses but also concerns

Step by step.


September 18th. >>>preparing for Hurricane Maria



September 19th/20th >>>Maria

September 21st >>>After "Maria"


·         Today the Curfew has been lifted.. so back to clean and recovery mode again. The spirit is positive around us which give a lot of energy.

·         The current where I live is on/off due to load shedding. GEBE-water is still missing. But after the rain “Maria” brought we have plenty of cistern water…though a bit smelly. At the marina…still no current - no water. I have a small generator in the back of my truck to be able to hook up parts of the Marina electric so we can play with some of the boatlifts that are still working…. after repairing motors and making bypasses for over damaged wiring.

·         Today we fixed 2 of our lifts and prepared the “Coastal Pleasure” boat for hoisting it into the water (On land now on the French side)

·         Tomorrow we will start to making/repairing a couple of emergency finger pears ..since most of these were ripped off by the hurricane and these are much needed to access the boatlifts.

·         The island:




September 22nd >>> another day with progress


·         Today I got our first newspaper after the Hurricane. It says : St Maarten STRONG.  That was a great start of the day!

·         "Grand Marche" one of the biggest supermarkets opened its doors for the first days after  the hurricane

·         We fixed the 4th boatlift and to our surprise the water supply to the Marina has been restored...Yohoo !!! though.. water spitting out of all pieces of broken pipes. I had to close all the main-valves. so tomorrow we play plumber to fix at ,least one water point /tap. With water we can speed up the salvage of what is left over of the boats.  Now we want to have back our current!

·         Supply of gas and diesel on the island further improved.

·         Crazy busy with cars on the road /long lines/traffic jams. Looks if everybody wants to be on the road to show that they are still alive.

·         The sense of reality=kicks in...for the coming season no tourism = no income . Especially for those directly employed in that industry toughest times still have to come.

·         First estimate of material damage Captain Alan's Boat charters is $240k.

·         Tomorrow another busy day for me in "paradise"  getting "the boat Coastal pleasure (what is left of it) from land into a boat lift.




September 24th >>> what a devastation


·         Sunday- a day to relax?  We took a chance to test one of the boats and check out Tintamarre, Pinel island, Orient Bay. We expected some damage though not that amount..... depressing.



















s we got now 4 boats(though 2 damaged) in the lifts :)




UPDATE:  20th 2017: Good news: We were able to get 3 of our boats up and we are ready for some business :)  The other 4 boats need more time.. but we will get there




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Paul Boonstra , Oct 13th 2017