updated: September 4th 2012

If we cancel (example: weather/technical issues)  -> we refund 100% and we will try to come up with suggestions  to "save" your day or try to reschedule if possible.

If you cancel...... and let us know*:

Less than 24 hrs in advance we charge 100% of the trip rate. But if we manage to fill up your seats we refund 100% since we do not want to earn extra money out of your cancellation

*NO SHOW without letting us know in advance -> we will charge you 100%

Weather issues: We will always brief you about the actual weather/seas-conditions before we start the trip. We tell you if it is doubtful and you can step out and refund 100% .

If you are on a cruise ship and the ship changed the itinerary or arrival/departure times or the ship cannot dock.  If possible we reschedule the excursion with you. If not we refund 100%

To limit the lossť for both parties at cancellations -> communication is the answer.


In case of doubtful weather/sea conditions we will inform you about the conditions and at any doubt if these should be OK for you you can back out and we refund.


Please check out the experiences of our customers with us in case of cancellation. You will find more than 500 reviews about us (under Captain Alan) on