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Tour around the Island

Enjoying the tropical weather, the breeze, the sound of the waters, the music you like, and the drinks and little snacks on board. We will tour you around the island. We take our time to anchor at beautiful bays, coves and beaches you usually do not visit without a boat. We will encounter some great snorkeling spots so if you are in for snorkeling we take our time for that.  We can make a stop for lunch or dinner at one of the restaurants on the beaches, we can visit awesome spots like Ile the Pinel, Flat Island and  Happy Bay.  Besides the water and soft drinks, we can take care of the special drinks you want to have on board. Of course, you can decide to bring your own specific drinks and snacks with you.


St. Barth or Anguilla trip

Always wanted to experience the other Islands then sign up with your friends and family for a St. Barths or Anguilla trip. These are daytrips.


Going to and around St. Barths, we have many occasions to do snorkeling, experience the foreign beaches, snorkeling spots and restaurants. The boat ride to St.Barths, depending on weather and sea conditions, will take 30-60 minutes. The ride back will take 20-30 minutes.

Going to and around Anguilla, we have many occasions to experience the beaches, snorkeling spots and restaurants.  From Anguilla, we have the possibility to go to little paradise-islands like Sandy-Island, Prickly Pear and Scrub-Island (the last is perfect for a hike also). Anguilla also has beautiful snorkeling-spots and of course places to anchor and just chill on board or at the numerous beautiful beaches.  The boat ride to Anguilla depending on weather and sea conditions will take 30-60 minutes. The ride back will take 40-60 minutes.


OR MAKE IT A Clothing optional trip

Yes, it is true! Without anything around your body, you will experience total freedom in Caribbean atmospheres on the boat and in the waters…. and of course seamless tanning. The crew will join you in this. We will tour partly around the island.  We will visit the beaches and Flat Island where nudity is more or less common, snorkel and have a good time. You can leave your swimwear, although we advise you to bring something to wrap around you when you have or want to go on land where nudity is not common or accepted.  Dependant on our plan we will advice you in this. The clothing optional trip is not for experienced nudists only, also a perfect chance for you if you want to try how this feels, unconditional and far from your home. Do not forget to bring your suntan lotion especially for the white parts.


Sunset trip

Your private trip to chill out on board with a drink and a little bite starts in the afternoon. On our boat(s) moments of peace, away from the busy island…beaches enjoying the sunset. Before it is dark, we will arrive at the dock or place we agreed on. 


Party trip

You have something to celebrate? Then we transform your charter into a party trip. We help you with the preparations, the selection of drinks, snacks and places to visit.  If needed we will be pleased to facilitate the party and its atmosphere so you will experience unforgettable moments on board of our boat(s).





Between November 4th 2013 and March 09th 2014 our local St.Maarten time is

one hour ahead of Eastern Standard time


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